Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Fever?

The temperature is climbing, flowers are blooming, and for college students across the nation, that means one thing ... spring break! For the last several years Mexico has been the hot destination, but this year things are shaping up differently. Because of the weak economy and concerns over drug-related violence south of the border,it appears many students are staying closer to home.

Given the current situation, your waterpark resort may offer the perfect alternative for students. Here's what the Lakeland College Mirror had to say about the resorts located in the Wisconsin Dells, Wisc. area.

However, according to current results of a poll by Waterpark Resorts Today, spring break business is either down, or the same as last year.

Clearly the economy stinks and money is tight, but there are still students looking to get away. So what gives? Are college students just not the right demographic for waterpark resorts, or did operators just miss a major marketing opportunity?

What do you think?

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