Friday, March 13, 2009

Theme this?

Over the past year I've been following a developer's attempt to build a Bible-themed amusement park in Tenn. According to this week's local news, it looks the project has officially been haulted due to political differences among local officials, but I'm still wondering how successful such a project could have possibly been. Would a Bible theme really attract a wide enough audience to make the venture financially successful? Perhaps the character of the local market dictates that it would, and perhaps developers were counting on guests to travel to the park as a destination. Whatever their business plan, the way I see it, an attraction that doesn't appeal to the widest possible audience just doesn't seem like the best idea in these financial times.

What do you think? Would you consider an outside-the-norm theme? As you ponder these questions, take a look at this list of uniquely themed attractions that have been successful, compiled by the Web site


Kritter said...

I think they were trying to find a niche. For religious people these are novel ways to reach out to people and for others a way to cash in on people religious feelings.

Better to put the money into a church... there is already Noas Arc water park anyway...

Jeff said...

I live in the middle TN area near where this park would have been. The sheer number of churches here resulted in it being known as the "buckle of the bible belt." I think it would have been a fairly viable business idea with the devout population that are within day trip distance.